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Iconic Planet Stand

BeoVision Avant
Iconic Planet Stand


It takes 90 years to create movement this beautiful


Design Partner at Bang & Olufsen

When we started our studio in 1993 one of the first companies we contacted was Bang & Olufsen, what we believe many young designers have done. We received a kind reply with the message of no need for the moment. In 2007, more than a decade later, we got a call from Bang & Olufsen. They had seen our design for the Danish speaker manufacturer Jamo and would like us to make a new BeoVision concept.

No one is better than the team they are a part of.  This was the start of a long and exciting journey of design, working with some of the most professional and dedicated employees and design colleagues.

Bang & Olufsen has the most fantastic engineering team!

In spring 2008 we introduced the innovative unfolding BeoVision concept.
Seven years later, in 2014, the planet stand was launched, unveiled by CEO Tue Mantoni.

The planet stand idea elicited enthusiasm. The new movement would mean completely new perspectives for Bang & Olufsen´s core products and heritage of magical movement. On the other hand, everyone was skeptical about realization. It was a challenge to make an unfolding speaker this slim, and the first mock-up sounded like a bridge going up and down. No one believed that a stand with such an advanced pattern of movement could stand without being fixed to the floor. We pointed out that by adding a little extra weight to our model it would work. Two weeks later the legendary skilled engineer “Roller-blind Kaj” unfolded a several meters long drawing with calculations, and said: “With the correct ballast, this is possible!”. A patent was born.

It was decided to make the Planet Stand generic, and during the years we have worked with the stand along successive BeoVision projects and screens in all sizes. In this context it has been a great pleasure to work with our talented colleague Torsten Valeur | David Lewis Designers.


Ask the right questions if you’re going to find the right answers!


The most important part of the design phase, where we question and frame the project.

#1 CONCEPT EXPERIENCE | magical & surprising elements of today & tomorrow.
#2 PRODUCT EXPERIENCE | unfolding experience and total flexibility.
#3 MAGICAL MOVEMENT | from mechanical to motile dance.
#4 UP-SCALING OF SCREENS | from furniture to architecture.
#5 COMPACT SPEAKERS | speakers matching flat screen.
#6 THE PERFECT HOST | from a proprietary to an open leading brand.
#7 BeoFusion | From television to smart screen.
#8 I & US | interaction (radical change)
#9 BeoPulse INTERACTION | intelligent, playful & service-minded.


Magical & surprising elements of today & tomorrow.

Building on the legacy of an iconic brand.


The magic experience of unfolding movement and total flexibility.

A television with the flexibility to adapt to your interior rather than having to adapt your interior to the placement of your television.


From mechanical to motile

Bang & Olufsen has a long history as a leader in magic mechanical movement, but time had caught up with this as a Bang & Olufsen exclusivity. Movement had become part of many exclusive products, and it was time to bring the art of movement to a new paradigm. The movement of the Planet Stand is the most advanced mechanical construction in Bang & Olufsen’s history.

The dance

Transformation from mechanical movement to magical motile movement is a Bang & Olufsen core value.
Our goal was to refine movement and make it graceful,  magical, and motile.

 The choreography

We have worked with light, sound, movement, and timing and sought inspiration in choreographed patterns of movement, dance, Disney animations, music, yoga, tai-chi etc.

Thoughts on paper
Capturing the Planet Stand idéa.

However, to give the ideas wings, we depend on cooperation with skilled engineers and the mastering of the design process as well as determination and perseverance.


From furniture to architecture

TV screen sizes are constantly increasing and approaching an architectural element in the home. This calls for new ways of integration and interaction between product, use, and decor, enriching the home and the overall experience.

Iconic Planet Stand

By the time the screen size continues to increase and the weight to decline, which has allowed to reduce the size of the stand.
To the left | BeoVision Eclipse, designed by Torsten Valeur | David Lewis Designers.


Speakers matching flat screen televisions.
As designers we have the skill to bring experience with us, and to use it in new contexts. In 2001, we designed the first flat surround sound system with Jamo, matching the new standards.



Everyone wondered why this flexible movement had not been found earlier.
The Hi-Fi industry has worked with this kind of stand in ages.
Why did no one see this before?

The answer is, that is all about TIMING and asking the RIGHT QUESTIONS.

How to create an unfolding and flexible experience?
Once you have the idea, inspiration is everywhere.

The Columbus egg is an expression used for a simple solution to a complex problem.
Suddenly, you can see this new pattern of realization to existing challenges and new physical expressions.

Please feel free to contact us

smedegaard +45 40161052
weis +45 51211052
egelunden 5 | 8300 odder | denmark

Please feel free to contact us

smedegaard +45 40161052
weis +45 51211052
egelunden 5 | 8300 odder | denmark